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Princess Twilight Sparkle (1-2) Entirely in Rhyme
The scene does begin with our Princess Twilight,
Using her new wings to practice her flight.
Her friends do their best to keep up her cheer,
But the Sun Celebration is soon drawing near.
She knows that she'll preform now that she's been crowned,
So she takes back to the air... before eating the ground.
We then cut to a scene with the six and stained glass,
As Rarity reminds what has now come to pass.
Her friends have to leave but they say they still care,
Promising with a hug and a Pinkie Pie swear.
The group takes the train from the high society,
Leaving Twilight with Spike and her own anxiety.  
She's soon seized with panic 'til Celestia arrives,
Before she's then told a tale about divergent lives.
Her princess had been hurting year after year,
As her sister was banished, made an object of fear.
But Luna was reformed and scorned no longer,
As the bonds between princesses grow ever stronger.
Celestia leaves the pair to trot back to her room,
When a black tentacle seems to spell o
:iconrhyming-zecora:Rhyming-Zecora 28 6
Final Fantasy VII Disc One Entirely in Limerick
In Midgar we begin our tale,
Reactors folks plan to assail,
They jump off a train,
Giving a world of pain,
And running they hope to prevail.
Ex-Soldier has joined them for pay,
The character you'll be made to play.
He thinks he's well trained,
Though his memory's strained,
(A story for another day.)
Avalanche is the name of the band,
With Barret in charge & command.
He looks like Mr. T,
With a disability,
As he now has a gun for a hand.
They fight and destroy number one,
At Tifa's they regroup for fun.
There's drinks to be had,
While Marlene hugs her dad,
And it's clear that our game has begun.
They plan to take out number five,
But Cloud wants to walk from this dive,
Tifa wants him to stay,
So he rejoins the fray,
And they next day they finally arrive.
They proceed to complete their scheme,
When Pres. Shinra then confronts the team.
They fight a machine,
That is stuck in between,
As you rock out to a great boss theme.
But just as they complete their brawl,
Cloud drops, causing Tifa to
:iconrhyming-zecora:Rhyming-Zecora 8 4
Applebuck Season told entirely in rhyme
AJ and Big Mac glance over their farm,
With Mac in a bandage from some prior harm.
The apples are ripening and ready to eat,
But bucking them all will be no easy feat.
Her brother is worried she'll not get it all done,
So AJ responds with a shout out to Top Gun!
She'll buck all these trees until they turn to pulp,
But she is betrayed by a worrying gulp.
We then see the opening and cut to our steed,
Working with Winona to stop a stampede.
She lassos the leader and diverts the herds,
Before sending them off with a lame play on words.
The townsfolk are thankful and give her an award,
With Twilight's annoyance and intro ignored.
AJ shows up late looking quite sleep deprived,
Frankly it's a wonder that she's even arrived.
She gives a quick word before dragging her prize,
And her lack of sleep Twilight soon does surmise.
Twilight goes to her, offering help and support,
But AJ ignores her, making Twi teleport.
Just where is her help from her many relations?
Well, they were just here for union
:iconrhyming-zecora:Rhyming-Zecora 22 12
Epic Rap Battles of Equestria: Octavia vs Vinyl
[Vinyl] Tavi, you like to act like you're proper with class,
But we've all seen how you longingly look to the brass.
Your recolor looks better than you ever could,
And she didn't speak, only fiddled 'bout wood!
See, just like your music your act has grown old,
And what's with that collar? Do you do what you're told?
Try to rap against me and you'll meet your demise,
I'm so beloved people argue 'bout my eyes!
[Octavia]You believe this would rustle even part of my style,
But I saw your affronts coming from over a mile.
I've performed before thousands while you're on your comp,
Mixing up that rubbish and looking for a romp!
Your "methods" are brutish and quite without grace,
You cannot replace talent by dropping a bass!
Your mark may be a music note, it is true,
But I would not be shocked if it was just a tattoo!
[Vinyl] Oh Tavi, I didn't know that you could be this rude!
Unable to unwind, you insufferable prude?
I'm the only one here to pick up some boyfriends,
Since the closest you have
:iconrhyming-zecora:Rhyming-Zecora 54 26
We are all damaged goods in our own little ways,
Each one has been hurt throughout our fleeting days.
The smiles have hidden, the tears have been shed,
Some for the broken, the hurting, the dead.
We look to ourselves and want a new life,
One without memory of our past strife.
We look to another, wishing we were them,
Little knowing themselves they too would condemn.
We're all damaged goods, each one hurt and used,
We've all been depressed, forsaken, abused.
No one is different and no one escapes,
For sadness comes in all sizes and shapes.
But the days will come when we hold our heads high,
Our joy shall return and our eyes will be dry.
When we look to each other and begin to discuss,
We'll find everyone is as damaged as us.
:iconrhyming-zecora:Rhyming-Zecora 18 5
Epic Rap Battles of Equestria: Celestia Vs Luna
[Celestia] My sister, dear sister, we've now come to blows?
That's happened once before when the darkness you chose!
So jealous of my fame, my prestige, and power,
Even when you return you won't sleep in my tower!
You think you can take me in this battle of rhyme?
Well, maybe you could... if you had more screen-time!
A royal by birth but you're just a disgrace,
Bow down, my sibling, or be cast into space!
[Luna] Big talk from my sister, you regal mistake,
Tell me, just how does one become addicted to cake?
You abuse your power, sitting high on above,
Aww, poor Celestia, with no one to love!
You still getting letters or did your pupils grow wise,
You are just a troll pretending to advise!
The whole fandom would gladly bow down at my hooves,
Ensemble Darkhorse, Tia, and you can't match these moves!
[Celestia] Oh come now, my sister, you think you they adore?
Look into their dreams, yes you I implore!
For let us just say that you do get around,
Rather base for a princess who shouldn't be
:iconrhyming-zecora:Rhyming-Zecora 65 48
Swarm of the Century told entirely in rhyme
We begin with Fluttershy singing her song,
"Hellfire" she sings... am I getting that wrong?
Anyway, she soon jumps backwards in fright,
As she comes face to face with a parasprite.
An adorable creature, colored sky blue,
And a bucket of apples it quickly eats through.
The creature finds itself being rather adored,
Something rather put off by an ominous chord.
We switch to the library where Spike is cleaning,
With Twilight all huffy and slightly demeaning.
She leaves him to go and check on the crowd,
Each working quite hard to make their princess proud.
Correcting a mare pair she heads to Pinkie's place,
Where she finds the pink pony just stuffing her face.
Flutters slides in with her partner in tow,
Though there are two now more than moments ago!
Twilight decides she wants one of her own,
While Pinkie leaves both to look for a trombone.
To Rainbow Rarity applies her technique,
When Twilight comes waltzing into the boutique.
They all hear a noise and her mane goes all rippled,
As they s
:iconrhyming-zecora:Rhyming-Zecora 23 11
Song for an Alicorn (Mad World)
All around me are the bowing ponies,
Snobbish phonies, ceremonies...
Celestia says that I'm a good ruler,
Glad I've fooled her, glad I've fooled her...
I take a walk around my empty palace,
Can't find solace, can't find solace...
My thoughts grow heavy and I look to the ground,
Why was I crowned? Why was I crowned...?
And I find it kind of somber, I find I disapprove,
The friends that I have made are all now bowed down at my hoof,
I don't know what to tell them, I don't know what to say,
When friendships become distant it's a very, very
Mad world........ Mad world.......
Appendages protruding from my backbone,
They feel tacked on, they feel tacked on...
My friends grow older as I rule and dictate,
They can't relate, they can't relate...
Spike has said that he will be by my side,
Can't fit inside, cannot reside...
Without the others I must face the unknowns,
They're just headstones, they're just headstones...
And I find it kind of somber, I find I disapprove,
The friends that I have mad
:iconrhyming-zecora:Rhyming-Zecora 40 22
Games Ponies Play told entirely in rhyme
We begin with a scene from the last episode,
With Twi leaving Spike in their leafy abode.
They go to the train station and prepare to board,
While Dashie tells tales of when she was ignored.
Flashing back to the past we see her rather sad,
As she gives a great shout from the back of her dad.
She vows that the empire won't suffer that fate,
And they all board the train bound for Cadance' estate.
They practice, and practice, and practice some more,
But soon all six end up sprawled out on the floor.
Their train has arrived and they are quite enthralled,
The kingdom looks nicer than they had recalled.
Citizens are working, all eager to please,
The gamesmare's attention they all hope to seize.
They soon go to Cadance and help to prepare,
When in runs a clearly anxious mailmare.
She says that the stylist is sick with the flu,
Leading Rarity to offer, as next in the queue.
The crisis averted, she gives her the list,
And Rarity questions her want to assist.
The mailmare than spits out the othe
:iconrhyming-zecora:Rhyming-Zecora 22 8
Just for Sidekicks told entirely in rhyme
We start with some photos of Spike and PeeWee,
Though he is not in this episode, we'll see.
He's discovered by Twilight and at her behest,
The chick is returned to his parents and nest.
Owlowiscious appears, for some reason awake,
And we flip to Spike baking a gem-infused cake.
He munches on his gems as he makes his creation,
Finding them all gone he airs his frustration.
The owl indicates that the chef is to blame,
Causing Spike to sadden and loudly exclaim.
Fluttershy comes by to pawn off her pet,
And Spike soon accepts for her green garnet.
Angel is aghast and catches a ride back,
While Spike seeks to add some more gems to his snack.
RD and Rarity are two more to sway,
But Rainbow just laughs and promptly says neigh.
A series of crashes turns her view around,
With Spike soon promising to keep Tank off the ground.
Rarity does not even think to resist,
And Spike finds himself with a Twilight-sized list.
She leaves him in charge of her monstrosity,
Gem rather unfit for generosity.
He h
:iconrhyming-zecora:Rhyming-Zecora 29 27
Keep Calm and Flutter On told entirely in rhyme.
For their princess' visit the ponies prepare,
Of her special guest they are not yet aware.
They know she is joined by someone quite vital,
And soon they are graced by the one with a title.
In a separate cart a statue is towed,
But their identity makes Twilight explode.
For resting in the seat is the one they've abhorred,
Yes, her guest is the villain Discord.
The mares are astounded; they don't want him back!
Does the princess remember his vile attack?
This is not at all what the ponies would choose,
But the situation the princess quickly does defuse.
She reminds them that they handed him a defeat,
Something that they could assuredly repeat.
The princess's plan involves kind Fluttershy,
She thinks she will turn him into a good guy.
AJ and a beaver then begin to fight,
When Flutters steps in and sets it all right.
The six gather round and the princess does leave,
Looking rather pleased and a little naive.
Through their powers the statue springs back into life,
And just through his stret
:iconrhyming-zecora:Rhyming-Zecora 55 22
Party of One told entirely in rhyme
Twilight is reading for a coming exam,
When she does receive a singing telegram.
For Gummy's birthday there'll be a celebration,
As each friend learns through a singing invitation.
There AJ and RD are playing a game,
When Pinkie announces it is far too tame.
If they only are going for the apples that bobbed,
They're missing the fun and are getting robbed!
They dunk their heads in and find a few jokes,
While Pinkie checks with the rest of the folks.
They all have their fun and say it's a blast,
And Pinkie bemoans that it cannot last.
Twilight remarks they should meet again soon,
Leading to a party the next afternoon.
She invites them all again to her social convention,
But each has something requiring their attention.
Twi needs to study, AJ needs to pick,
And Rarity's mane is now covered in "ick".
The fliers are housesitting for Harry the Bear,
Well, more like cavesitting his homey little lair.
Pinkie is stumped; all her friends are quite busy!
But she soon sees a scene that sends her i
:iconrhyming-zecora:Rhyming-Zecora 24 9
It's About Time told entirely in rhyme
We begin with Spike and a house of ice cream,
Before Twilight's pacing wakes him from his dream.
Over her schedule she's anxiously scanning,
She's left herself no time for next month's planning!
She laments her choice in not planning ahead,
While Spike takes the chance to go right back to bed.
Still there in the morning, she checks every date,
When into the room someone does apparate.
Twilight is astonished; could this be a fake?
She's seeing herself dressed up as Solid Snake!
At her other's attire Twilight is aghast,
When the other reveals a warning for the past.
Twilight wants to know how she managed this feat,
But they're soon recalled, their message incomplete.
Twilight starts to freak; what did she need to know?
What was worth altering normal time-flow?
She goes out to the town to share the remarks,
But ends up sporting glasses worn by Groucho Marx.
Her watchers laugh with no sense of urgency,
Before learning this is an emergency.
They set out to make their land disaster proof,
:iconrhyming-zecora:Rhyming-Zecora 21 18
Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 entirely in rhyme
We begin with Flutters asleep in her bed,
Rainbow wakes her up, full of much dread.
Flutters, quite groggy, asks Rainbow why,
And we find out the reason is one Pinkie Pie.
She binges on cider before RD gets her share,
But they soon discover Pinkie has beat them there.
The line of tents stretch as far as she sees,
And RD's want for cider this does not appease.
The next morning the ponies all stand in a line,
Waiting their turns to grab their own stein.
Flutters gets her cider, but it was the last drop,
Just before Rainbow the supply does stop.
The ponies are unhappy they now must abstain,
They begin to grumble and loudly complain.
AJ responds that it is made with heart,
It may take some time but it sets them apart!
The ponies still mumble but soon turn around,
As they begin hearing a peculiar sound.
A motive-locomotion is the source of the noise,
And as it lumbers forward Granny's fence it destroys.
Stopping in front of confused civilians,
Out pop a duo of vaudevillians!
They launch int
:iconrhyming-zecora:Rhyming-Zecora 25 9
Spike at Your Service told entirely in rhyme
We begin with Twilight's books off the shelves,
Stacked to the ceiling, they number in the twelves.
Spike looks and ponders how long reading will take,
When Twilight tells him he should go on a break.
The idea of a break gives spike a great pause,
But soon enough he's sniffing his own smelly claws.
We then hear the start of our ungulated cartoon,
Before Spike soon decides to ride in a balloon.
He finds out quickly that the rope is not taut,
For it doesn't take much force to untie the knot.
In order to catch it Spike takes to the skies,
But upon catching up on its own course it flies.
It lands in the forest with Spike in a fix,
As he's soon assailed by wolves made of sticks.
He's backed into a corner, wolves ready to attack,
When who should appear but our brave Applejack?
She bucks a few rocks at one lupine brute,
Before running for her life, wolves in hot pursuit.
While they're chasing AJ their numbers start dwindling,
And with a few fancy moves she turns them into kindling!
Spike meet
:iconrhyming-zecora:Rhyming-Zecora 23 14
Sweet and Elite told entirely in rhyme
In Canterlot our episode does begin,
With Rarity choosing to do better than an inn.
To stay the in castle the princess kindly offers,
It's not like it'll be a large dent in her coffers.
Rarity thanks her and goes into the town,
And gets an idea to make Twilight a gown.
She then meets Jet Set and his wife Upper Crust,
But when they find where she's from they leave in disgust.
Rarity can't forget what the pair of them thought,
So she creates something worthy of Canterlot!
She draws up her plans and heads out for supplies,
Before bumping into another, much to her surprise.
She's run into Fancypants and his wife, Fleur De Lis,
And she starts collecting the scattered parts for her piece.
She apologizes for the bump and the hassle,
She was just trying to hurry back to the castle.
Her residence catches Fancypants' attention,
And he invites her to a racing convention.
She agrees and arrives for the races,
Prompting shocked looks on two stuck-up faces.
She goes against Fancypants and comes home
:iconrhyming-zecora:Rhyming-Zecora 15 7

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