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Rarity begins by running around,

her crafting ribbon just cannot be found.

Sweetie looks on, unable to help,

'til she locates the ribbon and falls with a yelp.

The ribbon soon makes the room go unclean,

for it has now born a Rube-Goldberg machine.

Rarity looks on, her mouth open wide,

Sweetie takes this chance and finds somewhere to hide.

Rarity cleans up and the doorbell rings,

Fluttershy is there, Opalescence she brings.

The cat takes a chunk out of Sweetie Belle's mane,

When her cutie mark Sweetie does try to gain.

Rarity shows off her flowing, gold silk,

when Sweetie is joined by the rest of her ilk.

The crusaders have planned their own escapade,

complete with the capes that Sweetie just made.

The eldest then has a moment of fright,

She says there will be no sleep over tonight.

Fluttersy then says she'll take them this eve,

Rarity agrees for she needs this reprieve.

The three fillies consider this a great win,

Running through the town they cause Twilight to spin.

She reveals she's headed to my place for tea,

But Flutters does worry about her safety.

Twilight is worried her night will go askew,

And the crusaders appear as if on cue.

We then flip our scene to Fluttershy's abode,

As Flutters soon changes into caring mode.

Fluttershy then asks what they want to now do,

But their marks the fillies do plan to accrue.

Ignoring Flutters onward do they chug,

as Scoots starts acting and gets draped with a rug.

A creature catching session they then do fake,

before Fluttershy's table they manage to break.

They then try out a profession with a little less glamor,

and they all try to see if they've any skills with a hammer.

After failing some more they go upstairs to retire,

Before Sweetie wakes them up with a gospel choir!

The chickens outside Sweetie's singing does scare,

until Fluttershy puts them back with the help of her stare.

She gets the fillies back in and then goes to sleep,

When the crusaders sneak off to the forest so deep.

Flutters realizes and the fillies she does pursue,

As the "Scoota-chicken" meme then makes it's debut.

Fluttershy starts freaking and runs in great fear,

Until she comes to a spot where the forest is clear.

She happens upon Twilight and knows she isn't alone,

until the moonlight reveals Twilight is now stone.

She finds the fillies and says they must cease,

for out on the prowl is a wild cockatrice.

Of it's powers she then tells the kids,

and looking into it's eyes she explicitly forbids.

The crusaders give chase to the chicken they saw,

when they here something that doesn't match up with that squaw.

They then spot the chicken and another to boot,

but while one is a chicken the other does not follow suit.

Rising from the bushes they observe the fowl beast,

and their fear and their screams they've finally released.

To Fluttershy they run, screaming as they flee,

and they take up refuge behind our yellow tree.

She does the unthinkable and looks the beast in the face,

and she begins to berate and put that thing in it's place.

Her movement the cockatrice then tries to impair,

before being stopped completely by that piercing stare.

The beast heals the ones it had already afflicted,

and Twilight walks up, her body no longer restricted.

We then cut to her writing the princess a letter,

before Flutters admits that she now knows better.

Animals are not the same as watching little foals,

and up to the cottage Rarity finally strolls.

She tells the girls to go pack their things,

but Fluttershy shows her how to pull at their strings.

Rarity then asks for assistance with her feline,

and reveals it's been attached this whole time to her spine.
Finals are finished so back to the routine,

Here's a rhyme of Stare Master, Episode 17!
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aNIGHTLYpony Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Student General Artist
very very good, very creative too man. you are a talented poet!
Gemini-Productions Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Student Artist
wow this is very creative
Rhyming-Zecora Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012
Thank you, Gemini, for quality I do strive,

and when it comes to rhyming I certainly thrive.

If this you enjoy check out the rest,

Goodness, I'd not even say it's one of my best!
Gemini-Productions Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Student Artist
omygosh you are amazing
blackdragonthebad Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012
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