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Again we start out in good ol' Ponyville,

As Scoots on her scooter displays her great skill.

She's flying through the town at a breakneck speed,

and it seems with every trick she'll certainly succeed.

She hits a wagon and through the air she goes soaring,

When she's joined by the one she's always adoring.

Rainbow Dash tells her of this she approves,

and that Scootaloo possesses some pretty sweet moves.

Scoots is shocked and in mid air she stops,

Did RD really just give her props?

She falls into hay but that doesn't matter,

For right now that compliment was enough to flatter.

She goes back to the clubhouse where checkers are being played,

and tells the two others over her exciting escapade.

She tells them both of her sisterly hope,

But with reality they force Scoots to then cope.

Apple Bloom invites her to go camping with AppleJack,

Scoots agrees but she will need to go home and pack.

Sweetie becomes sad for she's not invited,

But upon being asked she becomes rather excited.

Rarity would have to say yes to this first,

But her older sister finds camping the worst.

Sweetie then pouts and gets Rarity to agree,

as she plays her heartstrings and proceeds to squee.

RD is invited and the stage is now set,

For the many kinds of crazy this ep will beget.

With her sister's luggage Sweetie is straining,

While Rarity proves exactly who is still reigning.

They get to the campsite and meet Rainbow Dash,

who is busy procuring their own lumber cache.

Scoots tries doing her best to look cool,

But she ends up on her back and looking like a fool.

They set up their camp and a story is told,

One that would make quiver even the most bold.

Scoots plays it off like she wasn't afraid,

And RD buys the falsehood displayed.

Everypony else then prepares themselves for bed,

While Scoots starts jumping from terrors in her head.

She climbs into her tent and proceeds to nod off,

But at a sound from outside she just cannot scoff.

Peaking out from her tent she finds they've all disappeared,

And she begins to realize it's just as she feared.

Scoots starts on running and a callback we soon find,

as she backs into one of the trees that's maligned.

She breaks off the branch and finds herself all alone,

Sighing, she turns and is now facing the old crone.

She gruffly asks where her horseshoe now resides,

While away on her little legs Scoots strides.

A glimpse of Luna is caught as she flees

Back to the tent in the clearing of trees.

She discovers RD's been replaced by the hag,

and she wakes up shivering in her sleeping bag.

We then flip our scene to when they are all waking,

and we see Scoots is tired and still remains quaking.

She decides she'll scout ahead for the rest,

but soon she's overwhelmed by the sleep she's repressed.

She loses her scooter and rejoins the group,

But she still doesn't take the time to recoup.

Later they all stop at the mouth of a cave,

and Scoots once again does her best to be brave.

RD tells them a story, a tale from the days of yore,

That AJ and Rarity have certainly heard before.

At the conclusion they're all scared and quite tired,

But Scoots does her best to keep them all wired.

Sweetie then sings a song for them all,

Dealing with many buckets perched up on a wall.

Sweetie finishes and goes out like a light,

as the group then tucks itself in for the night.

Scoots cannot stave off her sleep any longer,

and the filly falls asleep wishing that she was stronger.

She's back in the forest and soon runs for her life,

What act did she do to garner this kind of strife?

She's soon cornered by the headless mare,

But in a flash we do see Luna now standing there.

She reveals to Scootaloo this is all just a dream,

And that in the night only she reigns supreme.

Scootaloo is relieved until Princess Luna reveals

What is actually causing the fear that Scoots feels.

She's not afraid of the ghost stories she hears,

She's afraid of looking soft in front of her peers.

Luna's shouts out as Scoots wakes from her slumber,

But sadly her doubts do yet still encumber.

She hears RD snoring and runs away from the sound,

but she soon finds herself not touching solid ground.

Into the raging river the poor filly falls,

and for someone's help she desperately calls.

Towards her death it pulls her, refusing to abate,

Is this truly where Scootaloo will meet her final fate?

But RD swoops in; she'll not be swimming with the tuna,

And Scoots looks to the moon to notice Princess Luna.

Scootaloo begins crying and finally confesses,

That she's not quite as brave as she normally professes.

RD does listen and tells her a new tale,

One of how those stories made even her wail.

RD then offers to take her under her wing,

Before we get a scene of the most touching thing.

It's Rainbow and Scoots soaring through the skies,

and with a hoof underneath her Scoots finally flies.

However, there is still one thing left to go,

before the credits roll on this wonderful show.

The crone gets her horseshoe and off she does slink,

Before Luna closes us out with a wink.
Here's another one, Sleepless in Ponyville,

Creating this one gave me quite the thrill!
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LuckyLockheart Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
Amazing as always. Looking forward for more of this. :D
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That was amazing...great job!
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And in Whoville they say
This is the best thing I've ever read, HURRAY!
cookooface Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
wow, that was good
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I think that's the longest thing i've ever read while hearing Zecora's voice. it's almost impossible to read it without hearing her in your head XD Great work!
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That was so sexy!
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Great job!
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Terrific as usual Zecora.
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Love it! That was very well done. :)
kittypetro Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012  Student General Artist
Wow, kudos to you
BrandonTheEskimo Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012
I am indeed most impressed. A difficult one this is to best.
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