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November 24, 2012
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Applebloom starts us off by hiding in an armoire,

She's getting ready to greet a cousin who has traveled in from afar.

Applejack rolls her eyes and tells her not to stress,

while Applebloom dirties her room with all manner of dress.

The pair arrive at the Friendship Express station,

The crusaders arrive and bounce with anticipation.

The crusaders plan out what persuasion they'll need,

and the train finally arrives with the cargo of Babs Seed.

For Babs the crusaders try to meet every need and service,

But upon being swarmed the other filly seems nervous.

They take her to the clubhouse and show her around,

but a positive reaction just cannot be found.

So they bring her outside to show her their float,

But Diamond and her toady show up to gloat.

They point out Babs has a blank flank as well,

but all thoughts of Babs being a crusader she does quickly quell.

She turns on Applebloom and her crusading pals,

She makes fun of their club and joins the other gals.

Babs then shows almost no self-control,

She kicks over the pumpkin and out the door it does roll.

With the bullies she finally has found her niche,

And upon being threatened calls Applebloom a snitch.

The decide to avoid her, how hard can that be?

We then cut to a song about Babs and her terror spree.

To the clubhouse they return with their tails between their legs,

But outside Babs is waiting to knock them down a few pegs.

She and the others have claimed the clubhouse for their own,

They pull up the ladder; from their house they've now been thrown.

This all proves too much for poor Sweetie Belle,

The others grab an umbrella while she does cry and yell.

They all end up staying at Sweetie's parent's place,

They all mope about in sadness and disgrace.

Sweetie again says they should tell an adult,

The others refuse because of a childish insult.

Applebloom looks out and then hatches a plan,

She'll make the guest of honor the jerk in her clan.

They sneak out to the barn in the dead of the eve,

and from her normal colors Sweetie Belle gets a reprieve.  

She gets dust thrown on her that turns her mane gold,

but she soon learns there are plans that she's not being told.

The dust, some gears, paper, and a kitchen timer...

Their plans even puzzled your striated rhymer!

The crusaders then begin with their enigmatic scheme,

and borrow a montage and some music from the venerable A-Team.

During the montage Scoots seems to get her cutie mark,

but upon further inspection her flank still remains stark.

The crusaders finish up just as the dawn breaks,

And we cut to a mare selling her carrot cakes.

It smells good enough to put Spike in a food coma,

But Pinkie breaks the stream and floats off on the aroma.

Babs soon arrives and Sweetie Belle flubs her lines,

While the other two crusaders groan from insides it's confines.

They manage to make Babs get into the machine,

while the crusaders sit back and prepare to watch the scene.

However, AJ walks up and reveals new information,

Babs had been bullied; this trip is her needed isolation.

The crusaders then realize they've got 60 seconds to abort,

They chase down their float; their own plans they must thwart!

They hop in Pinkie's contraption and begin hot pursuit,

But when they try to save her Babs gives them the boot.

Pinkie makes puns and Applebloom rolls her eyes,

they give chase again but the Apple careens to its' demise.

They jump through the door and get Babs out through the side,

But then they cannot get out.  They're along for the ride.

They then keep going and hit the lake with a thud,

They climb out of the wreckage now covered in mud.

Pictures are taken and AJ comes down to check,

Babs is now stunned.  They saved her form that wreck!

We cut back to the farm where the fillies get clean,

Sweetie shouts about irony when they admit to being mean.

Babs wants to start over, and the crusaders agree,

Scoots then bangs on some drums in their house on a tree.

All doubts of further hatred this meeting does parry,

While Sweetie reads and proves she is NOT a dictionary.

Babs gets her cape and we cut back to the train,

where the bullying pair treat the crusaders with disdain.

Babs then threatens to tell their folks of her actions,

And finally proves her loyalty to the better of the factions.

She gets on the train and laughs are shared by the rest,

And now people know what to do should bullying need to be addressed.
Here's One Bad Apple, I hope you all will enjoy,

Here's hoping you like the rhymes that I did employ!
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TemporalTwins Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Congrats on a well written couplet.

Tip for you though;
What you write these, try to make sure that the rhyming lines have around the same amount of syllables.
You did fine on most of your pairs, but some need a little work...

For example,
"Babs then shows almost no self-control," - has 9 syllables
"She kicks over the pumpkin and out the door it does roll." - has 15 syllables

You could change the words around a bit to help it flow a bit better;
Becoming the bully, turning tail to her friends - has 12 syllables
Babs smashes the pumpkin, their friendship it ends - has 12 syllables

Still, it was a very good poem (or Rhyming story, if you prefer)
Cera-Snakes Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist
My god! How long did this take?!
Have you ever thought it was a mistake?
Well, all is good.
We will not be a snoob! (Or something like that, maybe a cat)
theyoungster2 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012
While poems and rhyming are not my forté,
In my favorites this submission shall stay.
fireheart885 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Student Digital Artist
What are you, a Zebra? XD That ws awesome. I liked it very much :D
Xcalipoor Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
The rest of my message I appear to have neglected,
And with no edit button, correction is rejected.
I guess I'll just post the rest of it here.
Double-posts are unavoidable, I fear:

A smiling Zecora picture for your endeavor,
And on this page the rhyming shall continue.
Xcalipoor Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
PiNkI3-Pi3 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Yaaaay! Another amazingly fantastical rhyme!!! Loved it!!
dopaminemuffin Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Student
Along with everyone I read this in Zecora's voice,
to that I definitely had no choice.
Ys-Cordelan Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
Typo in line 2: "great" should be "greet"

But the writing is good, the narration complete.
dtlux2 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
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