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Our two parter begins in the city of Canterlot,

Trouble? In Equestria? Perish the thought!

But the guards warn our princess and she seems quite alarmed,

She sends out a letter and hopes the newlyweds are unharmed.

After the opening we cut to the library,

Where Twilight makes faces and generally acts scary.

Twilight is (again) making a big deal of her test,

And of all their options Luna believes this isn't the best.

But Celestia explains the dire situation,

Of the crystal ponies and their king's forced abdication.

Her eyes go all black and she seems ready to turn,

But she soon reverts back and her pupils cease to burn.

Twilight then hopes her mark she won't miss,

and sings a song with Spike about not being ready for this.

They then inform the others and hop on the train,

Chugging off to the north and the crystal domain.

They arrive to find Shining Armor in a scene quite like Hoth

before running for their lives to remain out of the mad king's swath.

Arriving at safety they find that all is not well,

Cadance' power grows weaker but on this they cannot dwell.

They try to find information on the events that have occurred,

But they find the crystal ponies have been emotionally injured.

Their search leads to a library with the knowledge that they seek,

They must set up a festival filled with fun and mystique!

So they pitch their tents and with the help of a flugelhorn,

a way to save the crystal ponies has finally been born.

However, there's a problem, and it comes from the crystal heart,

Turns out it serves a specific purpose, something not true of Twi's art.

Cadance is beginning to falter and the barrier falls,

The king roars in triumph as the episode makes its curtain calls.

Now we pick up at the start of part two,

Shining gives Cadance a good hug and she eventually pulls through.

Time is running out though; to keep him from establishing his old reich

Twilight takes to searching without even a claw's help from Spike.

The others do their best to keep the crystal ponies amused,

But from seeing the "heart" they are completely refused.

Inside of the castle Twilight remembers Celestia's talk,

Through use of black magic down the stairs she does walk.

She makes it to the bottom, down the winding staircase,

She opens the door and finds new troubles to face.

Celestia says she failed her and she'll be her teacher no more,

Spike snaps her out of it and finds her sitting on the floor.

The door brings to life any of the user's greatest fears,

Twilight finds this out upon it driving poor spike to cry tears.

She goes through the door and decides trotting isn't that great,

She inverts the gravity and "down" the stairs she does skate.

However the king is knocking down the barrier walls,

It won't be long now before he regains his grand halls.

The pair reach the top and find the heart made of crystal,

but they still have one trap that has yet to befall.

Twilight steps on the platform and is encased in a trap,

She makes the hard choice and has Spike enter the scrap.

He grabs the heart and rushes down to the ponies' aid,

The heart gives them hope and makes Sombra quite afraid.

Shining fires off Cadance and she snags Spike and the macguffin,

She lands on the ground no longer looking like a ragamuffin.

The ponies use their love and the land starts to mend,

The king gives one howl and finally meets his end.

Spike gets his own window made out of stained glass,

And Twilight doesn't fail; with flying colors does she pass.

The ponies then sing and over the scene the princesses look

before Luna pulls out a mysterious, black book.
Hello, my name is Rhyming Zecora,

Of rhyming couplets I have a plethora.

Here's the Season 3 openers told entirely in rhyme,

Please give it a look if you can find the time!
benzombie1 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
im really impressed
EricaC78 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is really good! I struggle with rhymes, but you seem to have no problem coming up with them. Nice job!
Rhyming-Zecora Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012
Thank you very much, EricaC78!

When it comes to rhyming I can usually pull my weight.

Feel free to check some of my other submissions,

They're all on display; my very own exhibitions!
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