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January 26, 2013
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We start with some photos of Spike and PeeWee,

Though he is not in this episode, we'll see.

He's discovered by Twilight and at her behest,

The chick is returned to his parents and nest.

Owlowiscious appears, for some reason awake,

And we flip to Spike baking a gem-infused cake.

He munches on his gems as he makes his creation,

Finding them all gone he airs his frustration.

The owl indicates that the chef is to blame,

Causing Spike to sadden and loudly exclaim.

Fluttershy comes by to pawn off her pet,

And Spike soon accepts for her green garnet.

Angel is aghast and catches a ride back,

While Spike seeks to add some more gems to his snack.

RD and Rarity are two more to sway,

But Rainbow just laughs and promptly says neigh.

A series of crashes turns her view around,

With Spike soon promising to keep Tank off the ground.

Rarity does not even think to resist,

And Spike finds himself with a Twilight-sized list.

She leaves him in charge of her monstrosity,

Gem rather unfit for generosity.

He heads to Pinkie Pie's and starts talking to Gummy,

Pinkie not wondering when they became chummy.

Pinkie sees the point and leaves him in his care,

Scene then changing back to Twilight and Spike's lair.

To their pets the owners then say goodby,

With angry yelling from our own Pinkie Pie.

RD looks nervous but gives a cute pose,

As she grins and gives Tank a rub on the nose.

The mane six then leave and the trouble does start,

As their pets proceed to tear the house apart.

Spike does his best, soon calling a roll,

But Angel bunny he can't hope to control.

He puts them on leashes and begins his hunt,

Using the dog's nose he does locate the runt.

He's hanging with fillies unwelcome in cliques,

Fitting they'd be present in the one for sidekicks!

Over the pet rabbit the fillies do fawn,

And the other pets Spike soon is able to pawn.

Spike first is relieved, he will soon know elation!

But he returns soon for Tank's decapitation.

The fillies are frazzled, pride wounded and hurt,

Owlowiscious is pinned and covered in yogurt.

Spike takes the pet back but not his gem pay,

And I soon find poor Spike and his sad display.

I know I must help him overcome his greed,

His gem he finally is able to concede.

I donate his jewel and continue my stroll,

Giving Celestia a fight for best troll.

Spike continues to prove a less than great nanny,

Coming to the point where he's paying off Granny.

Spike is upset but only gets bad news,

As the train out of town Angel decides to use.

He goes in a panic; he must get on that train,

If Angel reaches Flutters it all is in vain!

He grabs the Crusaders and then hops aboard,

But the Crystal Empire they're now headed toward.

They look out the windows at white, falling snow,

As Spike whimpers and pays off one Donut Joe.

At the Crystal Empire they soon do arrive,

With Angel's owner quest still very much alive.

The bunny takes off and heads straight for the six,

Spike using his gem to get out of this fix.

They hide in the car and we get a great pun,

But soon it looks like the bunny has won.

Spike then breaks down and admits his defeat,

All he'd ever wanted was his own cake to eat.

The entire time he's been digging his grave,

This he deserves for how he did behave.

Angel then relents and grabs Spike a green jewel,

And Spike keeps himself from looking like a fool.

They arrive without problem and Spike soon confirms,

That he and the animals are now on good terms.

He goes back to the tree house to finish the confection,

But munches his last gem and eats the whole collection.
Here's another rhyme to throw into the mix,

I give you my rhyme for Just for Sidekicks!
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danitaguty Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Student Filmographer
Miss , you deserve the pulitzer prize, the nobel prize and even if its not a movie , the oscar....
MrSpartin Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Wow, this is one of your best rhymes, no, THE best rhyme you've done so far. Keep doing what you do best. :)
DJMirnum Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
A feat like this you make look so easy
And most certainly none too cheasy

To you I give my recomends
To anypony who are my friends

Looking for a simple story
In all it's ryhming glory
UMSAuthorLava Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"I donate his jewel and continue my stroll,
Giving Celestia a fight for best troll."

Rhyming-Zecora Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013
Yes, that one was one of my best,

To out troll me now she will be hard-pressed!
NicaPumpkin Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013
excellent stuff!!!!!
Rhyming-Zecora Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013
Thank you NicaPumpkin, this I had enjoyed,

And I'm glad you're pleased with the rhymes I employed!
NicaPumpkin Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013
*Squeeeee!!!!* :)
mlock Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013
a great synopsis for a great episode =)
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