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So we begin this episode again on a train,

Looking towards their destination each pony does strain.

Towards Canterlot they head for a holiday outing,

they're rather excited and Fluttershy feels like shouting.

Into Canterlot they are eventually bussed,

While we get a quick shot of Jet Set and Upper Crust.

The ponies then walk and play a game of I-Spy,

Though the normal way to play it they certainly defy.

Pinkie buys a house made out of pure gingerbread,

While Scoots gets her tongue stuck on a candy cane while she fed.

We then find out the episode will be good for certain,

when we see Derpy waving at us from behind the red curtain.

We then see the mane six donning period clothes,

It's from their personalities that problems soon arose.

For you see, this year the pageant will be theirs,

and they all will break up into their own racial pairs.

Fluttershy is scared to be put up on stage,

Something Rarity does not know how to properly assuage.

A window is blown open and Rarity whines,

To have it shut quickly she desperately pines.

She asks Applejack to shut them instead,

While she chastises RD for letting this go to her head.

Fluttershy keeps her head in a box,

While Spike goes out on stage and fancifully talks.

He picks up an accent that'd do well with Shakespeare,

As he tells the tale of an age that seemed devoid of all cheer.

Each tribe was deeply rooted in fantastic racism,

and that very mistrust would soon lead to a great schism.

The earth ponies grew food and the unicorns raised the sun,

Remember, this was before our princess' reign had begun.

The pegasi watched and controlled all the weather,

But each of the tribes hated working together.

A mysterious blizzard sprang up and laid waste to their crops,

Each race fended for themselves and pulled out all the stops.

A meeting was convened between all those in charge,

But it soon becomes clear their problems are large.

All three just want to berate the other two races,

And throughout all their meeting they get on each others' cases.

None of them want to cooperate with the others,

And none of them end up getting their druthers.

They end up returning and basically complaining,

How did ponies like this ever end up reigning?

Each leader decides they should be quite resilient,

and in the words of Pudding Hat, they all became rather brilliant.

They'd go it alone and find themselves some new land,

Who cares about the others?  It was time to expand.

The pegasi flew away, Pansy and Commander Hurricane,

They fought their adversaries, against clouds filled with rain.

The unicorns set off, Platinum and Clever Clover,

They were doing quite fine until a stream they had to cross over.

Platinum, in her wisdom, did verily decide

that Clover the Clever would serve as her ride.

The earth ponies trotted off, Cookie and Pudding Hat,

Though with the Chancellor in charge they soon lost where they were at.

When Smart Cookie gets the map they can correctly embark,

But not without one last little snide remark.

In the end all the tribes end up staking their claim,

But to their collective horrors their lands are the same.

They begin to feud again and the flurries begin,

They must take shelter together, much to their chagrin.

The tribes end up fighting over territory in the cave,

The leaders just cannot figure out how to properly behave.

Over a rock they end up crossing their lines,

And ice begins to cover their meager confines.

The leaders are encased with insults on their breath,

each resigning themselves to an early, icy death.

The other three ponies huddle together in fear,

until upon looking skyward it all becomes clear.

Up in the sky there appear three wendigos,

Creatures of hatred that appear when it snows.

They feed off the harshness that lives in every pony's heart,

They're the cause of this blizzard and they've been there from the start.

Each of the three ponies prepared themselves to expire,

but upon professing their friendship they create a large fire.

From the ground Clover the Clever does raise,

And she burns all her foes in a friendship-fueled blaze.

They all take a moment and stand there in awe,

before keeping the fire burning and getting the leaders to thaw.

They set aside their differences and give their land a new name,

"Equestria" they would call it, and it's forever stayed the same.

With the play well in hoof the ending they clinch,

By singing a song inspired by The Grinch.

They finish their play out with a bow,

This audience they certainly were able to wow.

Back in the dressing room they begin to bicker once more,

Until outside the window they hear a wendigo's roar.

RD shuts the window and the episode ends,

We've again learned the importance of having good friends.
For my next one here's Hearth's Warming Eve,

It's the best rhyme my mind could conceive!
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MorphiusX Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I agree how this poem is great,

that they didn't seal their fate...
StormySpark Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Holly Crap, that awesome! XD
Rhyming-Zecora Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
Thank you StormySpark, there's more where that came from,

Check out another and to smiling you'll succumb.

Thank you for your kind words that I'll take to heart,

It keeps me going and creating these things of art!
dereckc1 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
Quite good!
Rhyming-Zecora Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
Thank you very much, my good dereckc!

Do you have any constructive criticism for me?
katban Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
i like it
Rhyming-Zecora Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
Thank you katban, this one took quite a while,

then again for once I'm not mad at my style.

Just you keep watching for plenty more,

and hopefully I won't become a tepid bore.
katban Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
welkies^x^ poetry could never bore me at all, ur writing style is quite unique i adore itX3
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