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In Midgar we begin our tale,
Reactors folks plan to assail,
They jump off a train,
Giving a world of pain,
And running they hope to prevail.

Ex-Soldier has joined them for pay,
The character you'll be made to play.
He thinks he's well trained,
Though his memory's strained,
(A story for another day.)

Avalanche is the name of the band,
With Barret in charge & command.
He looks like Mr. T,
With a disability,
As he now has a gun for a hand.

They fight and destroy number one,
At Tifa's they regroup for fun.
There's drinks to be had,
While Marlene hugs her dad,
And it's clear that our game has begun.

They plan to take out number five,
But Cloud wants to walk from this dive,
Tifa wants him to stay,
So he rejoins the fray,
And they next day they finally arrive.

They proceed to complete their scheme,
When Pres. Shinra then confronts the team.
They fight a machine,
That is stuck in between,
As you rock out to a great boss theme.

But just as they complete their brawl,
Cloud drops, causing Tifa to bawl,
He lands in some flowers,
And through his plot powers,
He somehow then lives through the fall.

He then lifts his head from the whirl,
Soon staring at a flower girl,
He sits on her garden,
(which she seems to pardon,)
When he deigns to ask of her pearl.

She asks if he will be her guard,
He agrees after a blow so hard.
Running from a scrape,
They make their escape,
And they find themselves in Aeris' yard.

To leave her the mother begs Cloud,
So he sneaks out without being loud.
Leaving without a sound,
He still is soon found,
For leaving her is just not allowed.

Tifa they soon see being led,
her face likely filled up with dread.
They follow the cart,
Up into the Wall mart,
And find out she's meant to be wed.

In order to make some progress,
They decide that Cloud must cross-dress.
Through methods quite shady,
Cloud looks like a lady,
And soon he gets picked... a success?

They soon get the info they need,
And race to the others with speed.
Coming to support,
Plans they hope to thwart,
Aeris going to Marlene as agreed.

Barret struggles against their fate,
But Shinra he just can't negate.
Aeris gets taken,
Avalanche forsaken,
As they swing out into sector eight.

The wreckage Barret tries to strafe,
Though he soon runs to comfort his waif.
He tells her to behave,
For Aeris they'll save,
While Elmyra keeps his daughter safe.

They climb to the top of the plate,
As they decide to go left or straight.
To avoid some fights,
They climb 60 flights,
Leaving them all tired and irate.

Finding Aeris in a holding cell,
Red XIII was in there as well.
They break 'em both free,
But soon are sorry,
As in jail they now have to dwell.

But something happens in the night,
Guards killed without much of a fight.
There was an attack,
Sephy's blade through a back,
As Palmer recounts through his fright.

Rufus gets fought at the top,
Who Cloud does his darndest to drop.
There is a car chase,
At a frightening pace,
But they leave Midgar when they stop.

They all make their way to Kalm,
Where Cloud tells his tale with aplomb.
Old scenes now make sense,
For Cloud isn't dense,
He's flashing back while placing the bomb.

Catching a ride they avoid a snake,
And the Turks show a hire mistake.
They go to Junon,
And save some grand-spawn,
To ride a dolphin in the wake.

In uniform Cloud proceeds to dupe,
And is joined by the rest of his group.
(Yuffie I did gain,
But she was a pain,
So just pretend that she's in the troupe.)

They are soon all aboard a ship,
Hiding out 'til the end of the trip.
But Sephy kills some joes,
For... reasons.  Who knows?
Before he goes and gives them the slip.

They end up at Costa De Sol,
Keeping moving to follow their goal.
Through mountains they hike,
With stone-causing shrike,
Coming soon to a town known for coal.

Barret the townsfolk do know,
As they punch him instead of "hello".
This was his home,
Before he left to roam,
With Shinra the cause of their woe.

While Barret just wants to be alone,
They go to the Saucer's fun-zone.
Choosing one to go with,
They run into Cait Sith,
And the fans give a collective groan.

The group is then framed for a crime,
Getting sent below decks to serve time.
Down in the sands,
Barret soon expands,
On days that he had in his prime.

Going hunting for Barret's friend Dyne,
They find that he is far from fine.
They find he's gone mad,
And Barret's quite sad,
As he falls off a cliff while supine.

A Chocobo Cloud then has to ride,
In first place he wins with his stride.
They go to Cosmo Canyon,
Home of a companion,
But Red won't act as a tour guide.

His grandpa shows them 'round his place,
Says the planet Shinra soon will erase.
From his telescope,
He seems without hope,
But he wishes this isn't the case.

They go through a long winding cave,
Finding Seto, Red's father, the brave.
They leave in the morning,
But then without warning,
Red rejoins, no longer a knave.

Nibehelm is next on the list,
But it seems there is something Cloud missed.
The town's still intact,
As a matter of fact,
When really it shouldn't exist!

They go through the old Shinra manse,
Crack a safe, giving Vincent a chance.
Sephy's in the study,
And he ain't Cloud's buddy,
As they go through the same song and dance.

Through mountains they proceed to chase,
Ending up at a town made for space.
There is an airplane,
That they hope to obtain,
So they go talk to its pilot, the ace.

But Cid's gonna give them some tea,
Via Shera, who he won't marry.
Shinra comes knocking,
And Cid is sent rocking,
When they want the Bronco for free.

Cloud takes the plane as his own,
Something Cid is quick to condone.
Shinra shoots it down,
Flying over the town,
And Cid knows his chances are blown.

To the Saucer the group has to head,
Fighting for a key to imbed.
Cloud goes on a date,
(There's many a mate,)
But there is a chase scene instead.

Cait Sith has betrayed Cloud and Co.,
And he forces them still yet to go.
To the Ancient's spot,
Aeris must be brought,
And Cait Sith pays a debt he does owe.

Black Materia now in their grasp,
Not long will Cloud get to clasp.
He gets mind controlled,
And gives as he's told,
Punching Aeris, causing you to gasp.

Cloud then comes to later on,
As he finds Aeris is now gone.
He resolves to find,
And to fix his mind,
For he knows he is more than a pawn.

They head to the village of bone,
But their search they do have to postpone.
They search for a harp,
With eyes rather sharp,
And follow with a small change in tone.

A deserted city awaits,
No locks, keys, doors, or gates.
They soon go to sleep,
Before going down deep,
Where praying, Holy she creates.

Almost slicing, saved by his allies,
Cloud sees terror come from the skies.
Through the one he likes,
Sephiroth now strikes,
And this... this is where Aeris dies.

Angry that her he couldn't defend,
Cloud fights to avenge his lost friend.
But after her slaughter,
She's put into the water,
And that is where disc one does end.
Through this game I've chosen to play,
So I'll convey my thoughts in this way.
The feels are quite great,
Disc 2 does await,
Expect that on some other day.
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AgiStar Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013   Traditional Artist
There needs to be more of this, poems about video games. I hope this catches on somehow.
SammieOCeallaigh Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013  Student Writer
You're my fucking hero
Michel-le-fou Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013  Professional Writer
For #poeticalcondition.
Several features enticed my review. First, the limmerick effect and the set rhyme pattern of that and traditional poetry was very clear, and well-done. The content was amusing, and suited for your genre. Do keep writing.
LachlanWeber Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is so awesome :D
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